Steven Rensch

This article served me: it showed me more about the anger of women than any other I have read.

Men have physical image problems, too, though not of the same order. For what it's worth, my vanity disappeared when I realized there is only one person for whom I need to be attractive, and she seems to be OK with things.

In the process, I also learned that "friends" are overrated. There for the good times, but rarely at your back when you need them most.

You have described my consciousness to a tee. I am not proud or happy about it. I keep talking and fighting in my way, but in my heart I have resigned. This is the reason that the deplorables will win. I don't think I have it to stop them. Their ignorance allows them to remain passionate.

I'm 74. Except for the medical problems, I've enjoyed the aging process. I've given up unnecessary battles, released my children to God and the universe (they weren't listening to me anyway), and pursued my own interests knowing I've earned the right. I have probably become somewhat invisible to most or all of my kids, but that's OK, since I should no longer be their primary object. I'm still curious and learning more than I ever have.