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Seeing Beyond The Surface

I do not hate Trump.

I will never vote for him. I oppose virtually everything he stands for. Though I am one of those “old white men” that liberals complain about, white supremacy disgusts me, and I will never stand with any of the politicians who answer first to big money and ignore the will of most Americans. Trump is certainly one of the two or three worst of that group.

But I cannot hate him.


Because a man or woman’s behavior is not all that he/she is.

The Individualism Lie That Is Sabotaging All Of Us

What seems to have become the national attitude –namely, “I’ll take care of my own and your problems are yours to deal with” — baffles me. Have you not been on a team and put the team’s goal first? Have you not raised children? Do you really believe you’re doing it all on your own?

As a historian, I know that all of America’s great moments occurred when Americans, or at least a substantial number of them, came together for something greater than themselves. The American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars were successes not because of the actions of individuals, but rather because the majority of Americans came together around a cause that was greater than them and which they considered worthy of sacrifice.

Why do so many now reject our own historical example?

Because they are angry.

Some express their anger, some suppress it, some pretend to stay neutral in the hope of avoiding the anger of others. But everyone is angry.

The anger might be directed at the other political party, or other religions, or the boss or employee, the millennials or boomers, those of a different color, politicians or protestors. Anger makes everyone a victim to someone.

But obviously this sort of anger only serves to generate more anger and separate us from each other.

The Source Of Our Anger

What is the reason this vicious cycle, which benefits none of us, continues?

The answer is that we are not looking in the right place for the source of the anger.



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