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A REPORT CARD: Biden’s 10 months v. Trump’s 4 years

At least a third and maybe just under one-half of Americans consider Donald Trump to be ”the greatest President in American history” and rave about his “accomplishments”. To these people, Trump is America’s savior on both political and spiritual levels.

The rest of America considers Trump to be the ”worst”. Consequently, they greeted Biden’s election with excitement and relief. However, with the passage of 10 months, Biden’s popularity according to the polls has dropped to an all-time low.

The following is my personal and biased report card regarding the successes and failures of the two men.

Trump’s Four Years

Trump, by his words and presence, stirred Americans out of their political lethargy. A

Trump initiated attacks against the “Deep State”. Most Americans agreed with this point of view, although no one could determine with certainty who made up that Deep State. A

However, Trump established himself as a member of the Deep State by the passage of the tax bill which benefitted only the financial elite. D

Trump made White America a priority, empowering and acknowledging it. However, in the process, he also emboldened violent white supremacists. D

He also championed evangelical Christians, moving the focus in Israel to Jerusalem, though he had not read the Bible or gone to church. C

Trump kept America out of any new wars, but he also negotiated a disastrous treaty with the Taliban. He pulled our troops out of Syria, but also left our allies, the Kurds, to be slaughtered. C

He pulled us out of the Iran nuclear deal, which was consistent with his America First theme, but which also permitted Iran to expand its nuclear capabilities. C

He filled the Supreme Court and lower federal courts with conservatives, thus fulfilling the dream of Mitch McConnell and other right-wingers, but also converting the Supreme Court from an apolitical body to a political one and placing many legally-unqualified individuals on federal benches. C



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