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The Male Mind Has Held On To Control To The Detriment Of All Of Us

It’s a man’s world and always has been. With no significant exceptions, the leaders of politics, business and religion have always been men. Since Adam and Eve, the history of the world, which has always been told by men, confirms man’s status.

At the risk of overgeneralizing (how else can we communicate?), men see themselves as rational, logical, competitive and sometimes aggressive, physically and sexually dominant, most qualified to lead, and for the most part concerned with the more important things in life.

Women are most often seen by men as lovable and certainly sexual, but irrational (bitchy?), inept in times of competition or leadership, qualified in the raising of children and keeping of the house but little else, and generally concerned primarily with things that men consider petty.

To most men, those women who decide to play in the male world, though sometimes skilled, are viewed as aberrations.

The Failure Of Men

The predominance of the male energy, the male way of seeing things, is the reason that this and all other societies are still plagued by domestic abuse, molestation, violence and war. The point is not that men want these things, but that their way of seeing things leads to those results.

The flip side of this thesis is that we will acquire those qualities which we equate with goodness (God, the universal benevolent force, whatever) — namely, peace, love, union, compassion, abundance — only once we acknowledge that the universe speaks through the intuition and supposed pettiness and irrationality of women.

Man says, “That’s ridiculous. Everything that is great about us came from our reason and logic and aggressiveness.”

Well, let’s see how men are doing so far . . .

The weather affects us more every day. Hurricanes, floods, tornados, extreme cold and heat. Men have tried to control and predict the weather through the application of reason and logic. But the weather remains wildly irrational and unpredictable. And now our climate threatens to become deadly.

Can men explain the “unfairness” of life. If life were logical and reasonable, one would…



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